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HTC Patafile

About Patafile

Patafile is the next generation of Legal practice & case management software for law firms in Kenya.

Patafile is a legal practice management software through a cloud based model.  An evolution in legal technology, Patafile ensures that, for a fixed low monthly cost, forward thinking Advocates and legal Practitioners across Kenya and the wider East Africa have access to their legal practice and client matters wherever they may be.

Created for the lawyer who wants to work in a smart and secure environment that is accessible from just about anywhere, Patafile is an ideal mix of traditional practice meets innovative technology – all of which is operated within a secure, personalised environment.

Key Benefits


To meet you budgetary needs and grow with you.


Providing flexibility to grow as your firm grows

Secure & Robust

Meeting your data and security concerns

High Performance

Making your practice efficient and profitable


Covering Kenya Law Society requirements

Excellent support

For your peace of mind

High productivity

Getting the most out of your team


For remote and mobile working


Allowing your fee earners to provide the highest levels of client service.


Allowing you to keep your practice well managed

Ready for business

Built with business development in mind. Providing a platform for you to grow your client-base

By lawyers

For lawyers

Patafile is the next generation. Patafile aims to make your technology journey easy, staying with you throughout and not leaving you at the first hurdle. Our dedicated team are here for you to provide the most innovative technology and first class customer service.